Horatio and the Story of the Manor - by Andrew Devis

Andrew Devis is a media trainer, storyteller and writer. He is also dyslexic. This had proved to be a problem as he started to work on a book that was just bubbling up inside him and HAD to come out. Being dyslexic made the whole process of telling the story more complex than it needed to be.

So, Andrew made a bold decision back in the latter part of 2019 that the book would no longer be a book but would be a story podcast.

The process of thinking ‘in audio’ certainly made the whole writing process much easier for Andrew, but it also had another unexpected and really exciting benefit. What it allowed Andrew to do was expand the story, bring in elements that had been suppressed for the book version, and add characters that may never otherwise have had their story told.

A prologue was added with some completely new characters which helped to set the whole story into a wider context while still being true to the theme of ‘Horatio and the Story of the Manor’.

In short, apart from the many technical issues needed to be faced in order to deal with this kind of thing, Andrew is loving getting back to writing and recording stories once again, and he hopes you will really enjoy the podcast.

Andrew’s productions are part of ‘tale2tell media’. Other tale2tell sites include a video tutorial site for video editing and motion graphics/vfx tutorials tale2tell.com and creative Bible stories which – can be found at thebiblestorypodcast.com

We are very grateful for the wonderful pictures supplied by Eilidh Muir and which be found on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/archieandcompany._/

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