Inspiration for Horatio

I just wanted to show you where the inspiration for Horatio came from.

The border with the flat cap on was Scampi and the name (Horatio Fleming McNaughtie) originated with him a long time ago.

After he died, we were blessed with Barkley (in the basket) who has also sadly passed – but if you look at him, I am sure you can see where the artwork inspiration came from.


Artwork on the way

Well, Steve English has done a wonderful job creating a series of titles and characters for the upcoming Horatio and the Story of the Manor podcast. The above image is part of Horatio himself – a Border Terrier – who is a main character from the story. I look forward to sharing more characters and titles as the podcast proceeds.


Under construction

We are working on the ‘Horatio and the Story of the Manor’ podcast which will be with you before too long …

Horatio is a border terrier who lives in an enchanted part of Yorkshire near the villages of Rott, Grott & Snott. His master is the Baron…

So much to be revealed in time and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you.

This is a placeholder site, the full site will come later.

For more information as it happens follow me on twitter @HoratioOne

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